Sledding in March

I haven't ventured out this winter to take the boys sledding.  Probably because we haven't had much luck in the past.  My boys also haven't really asked me much about sledding.  I guess maybe they didn't know how much fun it could be.  Yesterday it rained all morning and afternoon.  By late afternoon the rain changed to snow, because of the rain and the wet conditions, this snow was extremely wet and heavy, not what we're usually used to.  Today was bright and sunny with temperatures in the high 30's.  I decided that it would be a good day to take the boys over to the local hill and sled for a while.  It was such a perfect activity for us this afternoon.  We all had a lot of fun.  We only stayed about twenty minutes but it was a nice way to get some activity in our day.  Can't wait for Spring and Summer and all of the park adventures that we get used to during the nicer weather.  Notice they don't even have their coats on.  They didn't really need their snow pants except to keep dry.  So much more fun than having to really bundle up for the cold weather.


joyous said…
Pretty fun! Even better when it's not freezing cold. :)
Missy said…
seeing these cute pictures makes me wish I had taken my kids out today sledding :)
Jessica said…
Cute pics Jen! Looks like it was fun!

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