It has been way too much fun having Ocean around to play!  My boys have really enjoyed having another cousin around and it's a bonus that he's a boy.  We haven't seen Maple and Brooke as much as Stuart and Ocean because of some of the trips they've taken.  I love having Ocean around to put Evan in his place a little bit. He definitely has that youngest child personality- not very good at sharing, jealous of my attention, etc.  They've fought a bit but we are enjoying the time we get with them because we know it will be too soon when they're off to the other side of the world again.  I love that Ocean gives me lots of loves and I've taught him to say, "I love you, Jen".  I'm going to miss that kid! 
This was just in the first few minutes he was at our house.  I knew he'd love our play room but I was a little surprised (not sure why) when he went directly for the biggest of our Nerf guns and then added the Transformer helmet.  Too cute not to photograph.  

We were excited to take Stu to In N Out because you know how much we all love that place!

All three boys in the tub.  Ocean used to be so afraid of the bath but my boys were able to convince him that its just another play time and now he begs for them! 

Ocean riding Evan's wiggle cart- see, he's learning to share!

Like here, when he's sharing Ocean's new cup! 

The little boys watching cartoons while I do the laundry.  

Ocean's vampire teeth from the fun center. 

Sometimes having one more isn't really that much harder!  But don't worry I'm still not having any more.  LOL

Ocean taking my picture

We love you Ocean!  Don't go!


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