tee ball

Ryan with his teammates and coaches

This Spring we signed Ryan up for his first ever organized sports team.  We wanted to do soccer but all of his friends were interested in Tee Ball, so that's what we went with.  He was signed up through the local county teams.  There were a bunch of his friends from Church on his team and he really had a good time playing and practicing with them.  It was a great way to start off in sports because it was very non competitive.  They don't keep score and each inning is the whole line-up hitting the ball.  He learned to bat off the tee, throw to the proper base (sort of) and run around the bases.  It was very cute to watch!  Grandma, Grandma Veva, and Uncle Stuart were able to come to one of his last games and watch too so that made him feel pretty special.  They had picture day and he even got a trophy at the end.  Next, he's signed up for Soccer and I'm sure we'll do more swimming lessons this summer as well.     

Ryan with his best buddy Easton warming up before the game.

Up at bat

Running the bases

The Dad's watching

Grandma Veva, Grandma, Mom & Evan

Their favorite part- snacks and drinks at the end!


Jessica said…
Way to go Ryan! Tee ball! You are growing up so fast!

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