Aubree's Fight

One of my very best friends is dealing with one of the hardest things life can throw at you.  Her baby girl has cancer.  Aubree was diagnosed with Leukemia just before she was 5 months old.  She has been going through chemotherapy treatments and has had a bone marrow transplant too.  This is a video Autumn made of Aubree before her transplant, and this is a link to her on-going story, her blog.  She is past the 100 days post transplant mark and now they just have to wait and see if all of her bone marrow belongs to her older brother, two year old Nelson.  Aubree just turned one and unfortunately had to spend her birthday in the hospital. 

I cannot imagine the months and months of worry, heartache, and trial her family has been through this past year, but I do know that helping them out in whatever way I can, makes me feel like I've contributed in some small way. 

Autumn, you are stronger than I ever knew you could be!  You've been an amazing mother to your little Aubree and I'm so proud of you for continuing to take classes and raise your other two children throughout this whole process.  I know that Aubree is going to be okay.  I know it has been a long, long road for all of you but someday you'll be able to look back and say how grateful you are that it's over and she is well.

The Labarca family will be participating in this years' Cure Search Walk.  The walk is on Saturday, July 9th at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City, Utah.  95% of all donations go directly to finding a cure for these precious children.  You can walk with them, or be a "virtual walker" if you are unable to be there.  The link for donations to Aubree's Fight is: 
Please help in whatever way you can.  

This is a video of some local kids with cancer.  I believe Aubree is in photo #4 and #5.   

Thank you for reading, donating, and posting on social media outlets.


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