Bigger Big Boy Beds

My Mom started these quilts for my boys a couple of years ago.  And then she decided to get her bachelors degree and these quilts never really got finished.  They were twin-sized though, and my boys didn't own Twin beds, so, we all sort of forgot about them.  And then I got bored and decided I'd like to rekindle my quilting craft.  I've been quilting for a few months now and wanted to finish most of my projects for other people first before I did these.  Finally, I finished the sewing and with the help of Grandma, Mom, and my sister Jess, we tied both quilts.  I sewed them closed, Colin built the beds, and we were in business!  I love the look of the new beds, and the quilts are awesome, if I do say so myself.  Ha ha!  Anyway, here are the photos.


Jessica said…
Turned out really cute Jen!
grandmadonna said…
The beds and quilts look very nice. Nice choice for boys bedrooms

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