Zoo Field Trip

Ryan is wrapping up his last days of Kindergarten and today was his very first Field Trip!  We went to the Hogle Zoo with all of the Sprucewood Kindergartners.  Evan and I got to tag along so that made it lots of fun for both of my boys.  We spent the day walking around with his best buddy Easton and his mom and little sister then later we met up with Reese and her family as well.  We saw pretty much everything there was to see there, all of their favorite animals.  They also have these life-size dinosaurs this year and the theme for the summer is Zoorasic Park.  The boys really loved looking that the dinos and getting sprayed by the raptor.  

 Baby Elephant who was born last year.

 This leopard really came alive for us, pacing back and forth running inside and out.  The kids were ecstatic!

 I loved the giraffes, especially because we got to see them so close up!

 Ryan, Mrs. Graham, Easton, and Reese


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