Air and Space Museum

Colin's favorite museum of all the Smithsonians in the National Mall is the Air and Space Museum.  When we were on our honeymoon, I think we went there three times.  So, we decided that Tuesday, July 5th would be a good day to take the kids down to the mall and see all of the airplanes and space ships.  The boys really enjoyed going inside of the different air crafts.  I loved seeing the historical stuff like Amelia Earhart's airplane and the Space Shuttle displays.  Colin and Ryan got to go on a flight simulator.  Evan liked the interactive units in the kid section.  Overall, we had a great time and we were glad that it was FREE!  We didn't tour any of the other sites there because we had four young children enduring the relentless heat and humidity.  We also had to drive an hour and a half back to the Dean's house to do laundry and prepare for our main event- post forthcoming! 
Evan flying a prop plane

Look, Evan and Ocean are in the same room AND they're getting along!  Miracle.  Someone take a picture!  

Evan directing a flight

Getting ready to enter the inside cabin of an air craft. 

Ryan and Evan in front of the Wright Brother's airplane

Amelia Earheart's plane

Ryan and Evan in front of the Capitol Building

The boys in front of the Washington Monument


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