Baugher's Orchard

For our big family vacation this year we decided to head out to Maryland and meet up with all of Colin's siblings before Stuart and Brooke go to Singapore and Erin goes on her mission.  Karen (Colin's Mom) wanted to have a family reunion this summer while we could all get together and in celebration of her 60th Birthday.

The big event was three days at a resort in Williamsburg, Virginia post forthcoming.  Before we headed down, we spent a few days in Westminster and some time in DC as well.

We went to this orchard near the Dean's house called Baugher's Orchard.  They let you go out and pick as much fruit as you want but we were a little impatient for that because the tractor pull was taking forever.  They had a little petting zoo that the kids loved.


Grandpa said…
My neighbor has a petting zoo!

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