100% AR activity

This year I was the AR chair for Sprucewood's PTA again.  This was my second year taking on the position.  I ran the reading incentive program for the entire school (about 900 students, all 7 grades, 35 classes, loads of computers, and a team of volunteers).  At the beginning of the school year students have a goal to achieve in reading.  They get points based on the tests and book reports they complete after each book they read.  Throughout the year students receive awards for achieving benchmark percentages of their goal.  For 25% I gave students a cupcake.  At 50% we did relay races in the gym.  We had the owner of Sub Zero ice cream do a science demonstration and gave each child a sample for our 75% activity.  100% is the culminating event.  Students read all year long to be able to participate in our carnival activity.  I hired Classic Skating to bring their inflatable bounce house for students to enjoy.
The morning of the activity, there was a crazy spring thunder storm that threatened to shut us down.  We made some quick last minute decisions and brought three of the four bounce houses I'd ordered into the cafeteria.  We arranged to have students eat lunch in their classrooms, and the kids were none the wiser.  Everyone had a great time and I was so grateful for all of the help I received throughout the day.


Marvelle said…
great incentives!

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