Awards asembly

On the last day of school, they held and awards assembly to hand out awards for different goals and achievements the students had earned throughout the year.  This year, Ryan earned his Golden Falcon award.  To get this award, each grade presents the students with a list of goals.  In first grade, they earn the award by achieving 11 out of the 15 goals.  The goals Ryan achieved this year were: 

 * Earn 100% on 10 spelling tests
* Write first name, last name, and phone number
* Compute addition facts through 20 with 90% accuracy
* compute subtraction facts through 20 with 90% accuracy
* Complete daily homework
* Participate in a 1st grade program
* Read 75 books independently
* Do a book report and present it to the class
* Pass 10 Accelerated Reader Tests
* Maintain Excellent attendance and punctuality
* Research a topic of interest and present it to the class
* Tie your shoes without help
* Memorize and present a poem to the class

 Here he's checking out his certificate.  He's holding a yellow bouncy ball (deflated).


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