On the morning of August 10th, Evan climbed into my bed at 6:15am with a burning hot fever.  I had big plans to clean the house, take Colin's car in to have the oil changed, and do all of the laundry so that I could go out to eat with my friends and play Bunco afterward.  Well, I was still able to get all of my chores done but I had to take care of a sick boy.  Colin had to stay late at work which meant that I had to cancel my dinner and game plans with the ladies as well.  Bummer!  
 But, my girlfriends brought lunch for me.  AND the boys too!
 And my bestie brought me a diet coke and and a whole bag of my favorite candy.
 The next day my mom, sister and I went to have pedicures.

 And Colin bought a yummy ice cream cake.  Chocolate and Mint!  LOVE!
 And, then on Monday, my present came!

 New Nike Lunar Glide 4+ running shoes!  And they're PURPLE!  And I LOVE them!
 And they match my pedicure too!
Gonna do a triathlon in these babies next month!  Yea


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