Clarke Planitarum

We met my good friend Teresa and her three kids up at the Clarke Planetarium for a little last week of summer fling.  The boys really loved the museum.  It was small but free and I think their favorite parts were the small machines and the meteorites.  My favorite part was visiting with my friend and holding her newborn!     
 This was a display of the solar system.  Ryan had to read all of the plaques and take the quizzes.  He was a whizz of course.

They have this giant scale where you can see how much you would weigh on different planets.  The kids could have played with that for hours.  

 This is Ryan walking on the Mars. Lots of other kids behind him.
 Evan walking on the surface of Mars.
 My Martians.
 Walking on the Moon.  Hey, isn't that a song by The Police?
 After the museum, we walked over to the fountains and ate lunch.  The kids played in the fountains for a good long time.  I didn't take any pictures except for this one below because I was holding Sawyer the entire time!  He he he.
The boys absolutely loved this little field trip and we can't wait to hang out with the Flores family again soon!


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