Skylanders Birthday Party

We had Ryan's 7th Birthday Party on Saturday, August 25, 2012.  We had the party at our house.  He invited his friends: Ben, Ian, Easton, Jackson, Rylee, and his brother Evan and his cousin Emry.  His birthday party was Skylander's themed.  
 We had 8 activities.  One for each of the 8 elements in Skylanders.  The first was air.

 The kids had to stick the balloon between their legs, run down to the line, sit on the balloon to pop it.

The kids each had a game card. Each element had a circle and for each challenge they completed, they received a sticker for their game card.  Once the game card was filled up, they had defeated Kaos, the bad guy.
 Undead is the second element.  They played a game of Zombies vs. Humans tag, which is basically the same thing as sharks and minnows or British Bulldog, whatever you wanna call it.

 The third element is Earth.  They each got to plant a seed.

 The fourth element was Water.  I tried to get the kids to play the water balloon toss game.  However, maybe they're a little too young.  Jess and I had to show them how to do it.  Only I got soaking wet.

The fifth element challenge was Tech.  The kids had to use squirt guns to shoot down cans.  

For the sixth element, life, they ate lunch!
For the magic element, the kids were taught a little "magic" trick by Ryan.  And THEN they destroyed the magic creature (dragon) pinata.  

The last element is Fire.  We had Ryan blow out the candles on his Portal of Power birthday cake which was made by my awesome friend Claire (Easton's mom).  

It was a FUN Birthday Party!  Thanks for all that came.


I saw your post via pintetest and wanted to let you know how great your party was. My oldest turns 7 this August and a party along this vein will be ideal for him. thank you for all the great ideas. :)

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