Sprucewood Dance Festival 2013

One of my favorite traditions at Sprucewood is their annual Dance Festival in the spring.  Each grade performs a dance together for the parents.  It is always such a fun event with a wonderful sense of community.  This year was no exception.  All of the dances were really cute and performed so well by all of the students.
Kindergarten, Left Right Boogie

First Grade: The Chicken Dance

Second Grade: Alley Cat

Third Grade: The Hakka

Fourth Grade: Cupid Shuffle
Fifth Grade: Ho Down Throw Down

Sixth Grade: Swing Dance- Crazy Little Thing Called Love

This year our school made their goal of raising $10,000 at the fun run.  As a prize, the students got to see their principals dressed up as gorillas for the day.  They thought that was HILARIOUS!  And I have to admit, I did too.  I'm glad we've got principals who are such good sports and will do crazy things to entertain the kids.  Even if it means throwing out their back in the process.


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