Kindergarten Shots

Evan turned 5 back in March and is getting ready to go to Kindergarten in the fall.  I scheduled his appointment to have his immunizations this week.  He's now big enough to have his blood pressure and eye exam along with his height and weight check.  He's fallen a little bit on the height and weight as far as his percentile but he's still growing well.  He also had his Kindergarten shots.  It was kinda hard to watch but he was super brave and I took him for an ice cream cone afterward.  His poor little legs were super sore for a couple of days but now he's all done for a few years! He's really excited to be headed to Kindergarten in the fall! 


grandmadonna said…
Evan is such a cute boy, just love him to pieces!
Jessica said…
Growing up so quickly! Love you E-man!

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