Birddies in the Tree

One morning I woke up and looked out our bedroom window.  Behold, a nest!  Two red breasted Robins were getting ready for eggs.  Just a few days later we noticed 4 eggs.  It was really hard to see the eggs from our window (camera) but they were bright blue.  And speaking of camera, I took literally hundreds of photos.  I am trying really hard to whittle it down for this post.  Our whole family got in on the nest watching. It was so fun to see the nature channel just out my bedroom window each day.  I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed watching the process.  

Mamma bird watching over her eggs. 

Pink little fuzzy birdies hatched. 

feeding time

growing baby birds

I know this photo isn't the best but I loved watching this process.  The mother bird would stick her whole body into the nest to arouse the birds.  Then they'd stick their heads up and get some food. It reminded me of when Ryan was going through the super sleepy newborn phase when he was just a few days old.  I had to rub his back to keep him awake during feedings.

The birds got big so quickly.  It was just about a week or two and they were ready to leave the nest.  We noticed there seemed to be a runt in the group.  He was the last to do everything; eat, fly, etc. 

These are the babies! 

Dadddy coming back for flying lessons. 

This little guy was the last to leave the nest.  It seemed he'd been kind of forgotten about.  I hope he did okay.  The boys found him in the grass under the slide and were able to watch him for a while.  

I have noticed this family of Robins in our yard still.  I think they live under a bush for the most part. They catch worms all day long.


grandmadonna said…
That is so awesome I love watching nature, today I noticed we have baby quail in our yard... the parents were here all spring!

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