Preschool Graduation

This year we were so lucky to have Evan in Mrs. Hammer's Tomorrow's Rainbow Preschool.  Evan loves school so much.  He went to her class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 to 11:30.  His buddy Kayden was in his class and he made friends with just about all of the other kids in his class. Some of his favorites were Kate, Mikey, Ryker and Trent.  He loves Mrs. Hammer so much and is really going to miss not seeing her every week.  
His graduation was a pick nick at the Draper Park.  They sang two songs, received their diplomas, and had lunch with their families.  The boys and I went to the water park afterward to celebrate.  He has really had a wonderful year!
Evan on the last day of School

Evan and Mrs. Hammer

Big graduating class.  I counted like 45.  

singing their song

getting his diploma from Mrs. Hammer

celebrating all of his hard work! 

my little graduate


grandmadonna said…
So very cute, I know he loved his school

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