Clegg Reunion 2013: Santee Lakes

This year the Clegg Family Reunion was held at the Santee Lakes campground in Santee, California.  We had SUCH a good time.  I know I probably say that about everywhere we go, but we seriously had the greatest time.  It was just enough activity mixed with just enough relaxation and a little bit roughing it and mostly a nice camp ground.  
We  had about 95 people in attendance and it was so nice to see everyone.  Especially since we're moving soon, I was glad to have the opportunity to go.  
Ryan of course skinned his elbow as soon as I unpacked his bike.  This was literally like 10 minutes after we arrived.  

 One of the highlights of the trip were the paddle boats.  Even the kids were tall enough to paddle around the lake.  This is Lathan, Evan, Brady, Ryan, Kali, and Delaney.

 Me and my boys on the boats.

Troy, Michelle, Linda and I on the paddle boats.  This day we got the Kayak out and let the kids ride around the lake in them... until we got kicked out for having personal boats on the lake... oops! 

 We stayed in these cabins. Ours is the second to the left in this picture, just behind the dock.  The Martins stayed in the next one to the left, the Judds in the next, and the Things in the last one.
 All of the kids 8 and younger that we could wrangle together for a picture.
 Roasting marshmallows and making Wampum's.

 Ryan and Brady

 Evan and Molly

 Brooke and Kali
 Lathan and Ryder
 Kali, Brooke, Landyn
 Karen, Michelle, Jen, Marsha, Cheryl, Stacey
 Evan and Lathan
 Kiddos in the hot tub
 Brooke, Corbyn, Brady, Lathan, Delaney, Evan, Ryan, Molly, Kali, Ryder, Lauren, Landyn.
 Evan and Emry
 Ryan, Evan, Emry
 Ryan and Katie
 Lathan in the Kayak
 Brittany and Wyatt.
 Ryan, Landyn, Brooke, Evan, Delaney


 Brady and Ryan
 3 kids in the bed
 Listening to Aunt Katie tell a bedtime story.
 Lathan, Evan, Ryan, Ryder, Kali, Delaney, Jax
 Lathan, Emry, Evan, Ryder, Ryan, Kali, Delaney, Jax
 Evan, Lathan, Allie, Kara

 Emry, Ryder, Evan, Ryan, Landyn, Molly, Kali, Lathan, Delaney, Corbyn
 Ryan, Evan, Jen, Jess, Jax
Justin and Jax.


Jessica said…
One of the best reunions ever! I think Lois would be proud.

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