Beach Day at La Jolla Shores

We had an extra day in California after the reunion was finished.  We went to Grandma and Grandpa's house in El Cajon and hung out during the day.  We did a few preparations for the drive home and then we decided to go take Jax to see the ocean.  It was a fun, spontaneous beach trip.  

 Evan picking oranges in Grandpa Ed's orchard.
 Grandma Veva's plumeria bush is so huge!  The flowers were all perfectly in bloom.

 Her hibiscus tree looked just as good.
 Now that we have In N Out in Utah, I had to stop for a Jack in the Box taco.  SO YUMMY.  Whatever that "meat" is...
 Katie and Evan at LaJolla shores.

 Jax, "dipping his toe in the Pacific O" as Jess says.

 So we left late in the day.  It was overcast, and a little rainy.  So, I didn't bring the boys swim suits.  Well, the water was warm and Evan could care less.  He jumped right in and got all wet and sandy.

 I love this pic!
Well, Evan had to face the music when it was time to go.  Justin showered him off and he was down to his skivvies.  He was FREEZING.  We walked back to the car and needed to get something to eat.  Then I realized that he wasn't wearing any pants.  So, we just tied his hoodie around his waist, zipped up the front, and walked down the street to a delicious little pizza joint.  It was so funny!  I'll never forget doing that with my kids.  Hilarious.


Jessica said…
Great Photos! It was a great time!

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