Ryan's Baptism

With special permission from the Stake Presidency, Ryan was baptized in Sandy, Utah on Saturday, August 24, 2013.  It was an amazing and special day.  I am so proud of Ryan and who he has become in the last 8 years.  He's such a great kid.  He has an amazing spirit.  He is sensitive, kind, funny, outgoing, and intelligent.  It amazes me to watch him learn and grow.  I'm so happy for his decision to become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ and be baptized.  
His day was very special not only because we were able to baptize him before leaving for Singapore, but also because so many of our family members were able to converge in Utah at the same time.  Stuart and Brooke and their kids were in Utah between Singapore and China.  Erin, Bruce, and Karen were in Utah visiting after Erin's mission to Portugal and before returning to BYU Hawaii.  My family was all there and in attendance as well.  
Because he had a baptism that wasn't with the Stake, we did the program ourselves.  I am so grateful to everyone who helped out and participated in Ryan's big day.  But mostly, to Colin, for being a worthy Priesthood holder who could bestow this precious blessing on our oldest son. 

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Ryan and Evan before the baptism

Ryan and Daddy before the baptism 

Ryan's Primary Teacher Sister Paulk

Nana, Daddy, Ryan, Grandpa

Our family before Ryan's baptism

I was so glad that so many people were willing to participate in Ryan's baptism program. 

Ryan with his cousins and friends. 

Evan, Ryan, Jackson, Kara


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