school visit and more exploring

On our second day in Singapore, we had an orientation appointment at Singapore American School (SAS).  Colin and I were pretty nervous that the boys would behave well and make a good impression.  They were awesome and the school was SO AMAZING.  I've been in public education back at home since 2002.  To see the private school side, at an American International school was just so overwhelmingly awesome.  

They took us for a tour all around the Primary (K-2) and Intermediate (3-5) areas of the school.  We saw three music rooms, two science labs, an art room, two pools, and many classrooms and play areas.  This school is built as an educational utopia.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  Evan will have a separate teacher for PE, art, music, Chinese, and character Ed.  He also is in a class of 22 (that's a firm cap) and they have a full-time aid.  

I got so overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude and excitement that my kids get to experience such an amazing education in our time here.  I know SAS is where my kids are meant to be and I'm so glad that Colin pushed for it.  I had to trust him on it because he was experienced, having grown up going to international schools in south east Asia, and I was pleased to find out he really knew what he was talking about.      

The boys were amazing and they loved their new school so much!  We got to meet Evan's Kindergarten teacher and see his classroom.  We met the guidance counselor for the Primary school and the Intermediate principal.  We arranged for buses, bought uniforms, and got our identification cards.    

We found out that Ryan is number one on the waiting list and is guaranteed a spot for winter semester, starting in January.  It's super disappointing news given that Evan is going to this amazing educational experience and Ryan is stuck at home with me.  We've decided to go ahead and keep Ryan home for school since it will only be a few months.  Ryan and I can use the SAS library and he can participate in their after-school programs (if I can get someone to answer the phone).  

After SAS we went to our local mall and had lunch at Din Tai Fung.  The boys have been looking forward to getting these dumplings since before we left.  We heard it was the best and had to check it out.  A lot of the menu was sea food so I passed (people don't like me saying that I don't like seafood- no, not even really fresh, no- not even shrimp) so I've started saying I'm allergic to it.  I noticed it's all over here in Singapore.  Always a seafood option.  Anyway, the dumplings were awesome and I just about fell off my chair when the bill came.  I told the boys it was their reward for being so good at the school orientation so that I could justify the cost in my mind.  I would go back though.

I'm really not used to living in such a big city.  Their all malls EVERYWHERE.  Just within walking distance of us, there are so many malls I'm having a hard time keeping it all straight.  And they're several stories high.  The grocery store is usually in the basement.  Groceries at the mall, totally weird.  Ha ha ha.


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