On Saturday we had some errands to run.  We jump in the taxi and Colin starts right in on the Chinese.  He spoke in Chinese most of the day.  This is a terrible video because the boys wouldn't leave me alone to take it. But I just thought you might like to see it!  

 Grandpa has been asking me about street food.  Every time I've talked to him, he's asked me about it.  I kinda feel badly, but I honestly haven't really tried many hawkers stalls.  These mall food courts are about the closest thing.  Anyway, I wanted to take some photos but I know I'll get brave and try some REAL street food in the future.  Pictures to follow!

 The crowd

 Sorry for the reflection in this one.  No, a woman's hand is not coming out of the chicken, it's the reflection.  There is however, a full chicken (with feet and head intact staring back at you).
 Some fried food.
 Evan's been learning some songs in Chinese.
 This is the greeting song.  He's saying hello, how are you?  I am good, good bye.
 Counting song
We run together, we run together, stop.


Jennifer said…
Was anyone able to see the videos? I'll have to embed them from youtube or something.

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