Singapore Botanic Gardens

On Monday, Ryan and I decided to go explore the Botanic Gardens of Singapore for our Science lesson.  This field trip fits right in because we've been studying about living organisms, environments and adaptations.  Monday was another scorcher of a day here with little cloud cover.  

We took a short bus ride over there and although we walked in the wrong direction for a short while, the gardens were relatively close and easy to find.  I'm getting much better at navigating around here.  I' really hate to admit it but I have a terrible sense of direction.  

Anyway, so it was hot and we were walking around looking at all the plants.  Free admission, by the way.  And I was kind of thinking it was a little lame.  But, we were secretly searching air conditioning and walked into a library.  In the library, they had a little fun facts booklet which I decided to purchase for Ryan.  As we were looking at the book, we decided we'd explore some more of the gardens and find some of the plants, flowers, and such that it was telling us about.  

That's when things got interesting.  


This pavilion had a Koi fish pond all the way around it.  

Okay, so this is where the fun was happening. We walked down this path.  It was more covered than the rest of the gardens areas.  It even had a warning side that you shouldn't go in this area during or after a rain storm.  As we walked down, suddenly something crossed our path.  I've come to learn it was a monitor lizard.  It was huge but they get to be about three times the size of this one.  After I saw this guy, I was pretty well freaked out.  

 Evan loves Todem poles so we took a picture of this one for him.  He calls them "wikki tiki's"
 In Ryan's book, you can see it in his hand, he had been looking for this ginger plant for almost 30 minutes.  He was so excited when he finally found it.
 Very pretty.
 So then we go over to another area and all of the sudden this Monkey comes up to this lady in the black shirt and starts eating her sandwich.  Everyone was pulling our their phones and cameras and taking pictures and video of him.  This one European woman tried to pet him and he totally hissed at her.  I was quite nervous when Ryan was trying to get close to the monkey but I let him, I did not, however, let him pet the wild animal.

I don't this photo does the landscape any justice.  Much prettier in real life. 

 Then we had to go!

 Being goofy on the bus ride home.


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