UN Day

Today we celebrated UN Day at Evan's school.  The kids had an assembly in the morning with a parade of flags.  Students, parents, and teachers wore national dress.  Lots of parents contributed food from around the world for the kids to have a feast of at lunch.  I brought a peach cobbler.  It was a really fun time and it is still so amazingly awesome to me that Evan is experiencing this exposure to so many types of cultures and making friends with children his age from all over the globe.  SO COOL!  I know THIS is why we are here.  These are the experiences I've been so excited to have!

I purposefully brought Evan's cow boy boots to Singapore.  Unfortunately, they won't be here for a week.  Which, is okay because I know the whole "western" get-up would have been way too hot!  USA tank top it is!  

Evan's class all dressed up for UN day. 

They made crown hats with flags from the countries they're from. 

The spread of food from around the world

Ryan came and got to join in the feast too! 

This is Evan really branching out with a corn dog!  ha ha ha 

To his credit though, he DID try lots of other foods too. 

Me with a mouth full of food!  ha!  


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