Fall Festivities

Saturday at SAS was full of awesome activities for Halloween.  We spent a good part of the day there enjoying the festivities.  There was a haunted house, a pumpkin patch, an International Food Fest, and lots of vendors.  Many of the booths were raising money for various charities and non-profit organizations.  It feels good to help support such noble causes.  The boys had a blast and we did too!  Colin and I especially enjoyed the time on campus and the food, of course!

Colin saw the Thai food booth and said, we have to get you some Thai food.  We tried some curry and mango sticky rice.  It was indeed very delicious.  

Ryan got do drive this robot.
 I still think of my little sister every time I buy cotton candy.  Growing up, Jess loved that stuff.  And I think she still does!
Evan has been in love with the color green lately.  If it isn't green, he's likely to maybe even get upset about it.  Here he is in his green sleeveless shirt (still his favorite), green balloon from the Japan food booth, and green cotton candy too!

Evan's class visited the pumpkin patch at school.  They each got to take home a mini pumpkin.


grandmadonna said…
That really looks like fun! Yes I think Jess still does love cotton candy!

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