Singapore Zoo

WARNING: lots of photos!

We have taken two trips to the zoo.  The first was with Ryan, me and his friends, and the second was just today with all four of us.  I hope the photos aren't too redundant.  But there are many, so you have been warned.  We love the zoo so much we decided to buy an annual pass!  So we plan to keep going back and seeing the animals!  

Overall, Singapore Zoo is pretty incredible.  The thing about it that sticks out to me is how close you can get to the animals.  There are very few exhibits behind plexi-glass and it's kind of surprising.  We sure are enjoying it.  

Oh, videos at the end!  The very last one is the best.  So if you get bored with the photos, just scroll all the way down to the end and watch that one!  (hope it works)!  


grandmadonna said…
You did take lots of pictures but it looks like their zoo is very fun.
praveen pandit said…
Singapore zoo is one of the amazing place . It is really big and beautiful . Singapore Malaysia tour package
Kimsa2211 said…
Good sharing for your visit, Singapore Zoo brings you so much fun and excitement while you can learn more about how important it is to conserve animals’ habitats and protect the wildlife. See detail at:

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