Still Swimming

It's kind of weird that we're still swimming.  I look at the calendar, and it says it's October 19th but it's kind of hard to believe.  When we found out that we'd be moving to Singapore, I KNEW that it was like this here.  Geographically, we're like one degree above the equator.  The weather is warm, and humid, all year long.  I know this, but experiencing it has been something different.  I keep waiting for the weather to turn cooler. Keep waiting for the leaves to change color, to be able to turn off the AC and put on a pair of jeans.  But... still summer!  ha ha ha 

Here's Ryan wearing a Halloween Trick-or-Treat bucket on his head.  It occurred to me that he was playing with this... in the pool, in the middle of October.  Weird.  So, of course I took a few pictures.  

Adjusting to life in Sinagapore has been more difficult than I anticipated.  There are moments, days, and sometimes even weeks, when I down-right hate it here.  I've experienced a little bit of depression about it. And that kind of sucks because generally am an optimistic and happy (although anxious, worried, and sometimes stressed) person. I know that this will pass, I hope it will quickly.   It's just kind of hard when you're in the middle of it.  And I know that we CHOSE to live here.  I know that it's a great place to live. I know that it's an AMAZING opportunity for Colin, and for the kids.  Sometimes, I wonder where fit in to that picture. But, I'm confident I'll figure it out; it just may take longer than I had thought.


joyous said…
Yeah, I can only imagine that it can be hard. Being honest about it with yourself and with Colin is a really good way to start combating the depression. Love ya Jen!

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