Top 13 in 2013

We've had an amazing year in 2013 and here are the top 13!  At the bottom is our Christmas letter.
1. Skiing at Solitude in January

This was seriously my favorite day of skiing ever.  The kids did such a good time their first day on skis.  Great memories. 

2. Jazz games in February

Colin and I were lucky enough to attend three Jazz games this season.  

3. Evan turns five, March

4. Playing with cousins

I was fortunate enough to watch my sister's kids a few days a week.  It was such a fun time for the kids to play together.  

5. Woman of Steel, May

This was my second triathlon.  I did this one with my friend Lydia and it was such a blast!  

6. Tour de Cure, June

Justin rode this 25 mile tour with me to help raise money for diabetes.  Together we raised quite a bit of money and had such a fun time training together and riding.  Thanks again to all who donated!  

7. Clegg Reunion Santee Lakes, California, July

What a riot the Clegg reunion was this year.  So many cousins, great food, fun at the lake a perfect thing to do this summer.  

8. Ryan gets baptized, August 
So proud of my boy! And so grateful everyone could attend.  

9. Move to Singapore, late August

Big move for our family!  

10. F1 in Singapore, September

An unexpected night of fun at the races.  

11. Halloween in the Woodlands

What a crazy adventure this night was. 

12. Thanksgiving at Sentosa

Such a relaxing day with the family. 

13. Christmas with family in Singapore

Colin and I were so happy to host Katie and Stuart's family for Christmas this year.  We were so glad that even though we were so far from home, we had family to be with us during the holidays.   

Dearest Friends and Family,

2013 has been an eventful year for the Dean family, especially because of our international move. Our family of four moved 9,000 miles across the globe from Utah to Singapore at the end of August. We still feel like we’re adjusting to life here in Asia but we are excited for what this move will bring for us and are optimistic about opportunities and experiences to come.

Ryan is 8 and was baptized three days before we moved. He loves being a member of the Church now and is learning to recognize the Holy Ghost. Ryan has been homeschooled this year for third grade while he’s on the waiting list at Singapore American School. He will start school in January. He’s such a bright boy and a fast learner. He’s curious about many things but enjoys science best. He loves to ride his bike and swim.

Evan is 5 and attends Kindergarten at Singapore American School. He loves his class and is learning so much! He takes an hour of Chinese every day and is learning how to communicate in Mandarin. He can even write some of his numbers! Daddy helps him practice conversation. Evan loves to make things and is always crafting this thing or that. He’s learning how to swim and is doing quite well since we’re still swimming outdoors in December!

I’ve been having fun making a new home here in Singapore. It’s been quite the adventure to navigate the city by train, bus, or taxi. We’ve been able to do some really fun activities here already. We got an annual pass to the zoo, have visited several water parks, and made a trip to the botanic gardens where we crossed paths with a monitor lizard and watched a monkey eat a woman’s lunch! I am enjoying the chance to home school Ryan even though I never thought I’d say those words! It has been nice having a buddy with me to explore our new country. I’m looking forward to substitute teaching at SAS this coming semester.

Colin is doing really well at work and liking his new job here. He’s taken a business trip to Hong Kong and we anticipate he may get to work in India while here as well. He’s excited to have his family here in Asia and has always wanted us to experience this side of the globe together. His brother, Stuart, has been to visit us and will bring his family here for Christmas so we are excited to spend the Holidays with cousins here in Singapore.

We look forward to a fun 2014! We hope you are all well and that 2013 has been good to you!

We love and miss you all! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Love, Jen, Colin, Ryan, and Evan Dean


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