Back to School!!!!

Ryan has started school!  The poor guy had to wait 4 months before a spot was available at SAS so he missed an entire semester of third grade.  Well, I home-schooled him, but he sure missed out on lots of time learning and interacting with peers.  I've thought about writing a home-school post, and I may still do that, I'm just trying to think of how to put it all in to words.  

Anyway, RYAN STARTED SCHOOL!  This past Monday, January 13, 2014 Ryan began third grade at Singapore American School.  He was ELATED!  He now has one week under his belt and so far, so good!  He has had a little bit of growing pains with homework but for the most part he is very happy to be back at school.  

The Saturday before school started, he got a fresh hair cut at our local barber shop.  

The first day of school was a late start for the rest of the school and orientation for the new kids.  It was also PE day so I took a picture of him on the second day of school in his regular uniform, this one is his PE uni. They wear it all day long on PE days.
Three for Third grade.

Evan at the Primary division.  Yea for being on the same schedule (uniforms) one less thing for me to keep track of.  Evan is known for telling me to "Check the calendar".  At SAS there is a lot to remember and you don't get any reminders so you better check the calendar or you're gonna forget something.  Or is that just me?
Ryan is in "Intermediate school".  Primary is K, 1, 2 and Intermediate is 3, 4, and 5.  The cool thing about the grades the boys are in is that this year they're both on the bottom floor and next year they'll both be on the second floor.
My boys on the first day of school (for Ryan, 1st day back from break for Evan).

Ryan in front of his classroom door on the first day!  His teacher is Mrs. Balshaw and so far she seems really good!  
 Ryan in his regular uniform.
 Every day after school the kids look for this lizard.  Most days they can find him.
 There he is!
 They decided to chase him up the tree.
We live up the hill from the SAS campus and I get to walk the boys to and from school every day.  I love my ten minute walk with the kids each morning and afternoon.  It gives us a chance to chat and gets me a little bit of movement so I like that.  And unless its a downpour, it's nice enough to walk every day (read NO SNOW) !

 Ryan has activity days every third Wednesday and this week it fell on the first week back to school.  This week they did Salt Water Taffy pulling!  I love Ryan's scout leader, he's so great with the kids and always has really fun activities for them to do.


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