Children's Garden at Gardens by the Bay

The kids have a long weekend due to the Chinese New Year holiday so I decided to take them exploring on Thursday.  We went down to the new Children's Garden at Gardens by the Bay.  This Children's Garden portion just opened up about a week ago and I was looking forward to checking it out.  It did not disappoint.  I was very pleased with our experience.

The boys and I took the MRT down and I accidentally mis-navigated us so we ended up taking a quick cab over from the wrong stop to the gardens.  We walked right to it because the gardens were marked very well.  The kids brought their swim suits but were dressed in dry clothing so we did the sand and dry play areas first.  There were lots of things to play on and around.  There were slides, ropes, balance beams, tree-houses, bridges, live trees set up to climb in, and more!  There's also another area for toddlers that's kind of secluded and gives them privacy away from the "big kids".

When the boys had gotten warm enough from running around, they changed into their suits and played in the water.  There are basically 2 water areas.  One is really large with the regular splash-pad set up.  And the other is a small little garden of stone fishes for the toddlers.  The really genius thing about it though, was the stadium seating for parents.  The seating was a nice big area with room for many adults.  This is a good thing because in Singapore, places for families can tend to get crowded quickly.  The seating area was open so that you could see the kids from almost anywhere.  It had some lawn chairs and two gigantic fans.  It was also very shaded which is really nice for this climate.

The Children's garden had a strategically placed food joint.  I wouldn't call it a restaurant, and I didn' t go inside but it looked like they had some snacks, swim suits (maybe sunscreen?) and beverages for sale.  Basically it's anything you may need but forgot to bring.  They have bathrooms, showers, and lockers for everyone to use also.

I thought this was the perfect spot for a play-date meet up.  I could see moms of young kids coming to spend the afternoon here.  My boys are 8 and almost 6 and I think it would be best for kids under 12 or so.  And, best of all, it's FREE!  That's right.  Best deal in Singapore!

The boys really enjoyed their time here and so did I.  We'd go back for sure.


Jessica said…
Emry said "i want to go there! "

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