Thailand: Day 3, Snorkeling Trip

For day three we hired a private boat to take the eight of us snorkeling.  We left right after breakfast and drove to the other side of Phuket to meet up with our boat.  From there we rode in the speed boat out to the Raya Island beaches.  We snorkeled for quite a while.  It was awesome!  Evan wasn't really supposed to get his stitches wet but we didn't want him to miss out so we put a swim cap on him and hoped for the best!  (He's fine, btw).  We saw some pretty amazing fish and even saw a star fish!  After snorkeling we were dropped off at this amazing beach with beautiful white sands.  We hung out there for a little while then headed back.  After dinner at Karron beach we all got foot massages.  That was awesome!  

I'd apologize for so many photos in one post but come on, if you were on a beach like that, you'd take a lot of photos too!  I was so glad I brought my big camera to capture this day!  


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