Thailand, Day 5: Big Buddha

Our fifth day in Phuket we went for a jungle tour.  We first rode Polaris' up to the Big Buddha statue then went to the jungle to complete a ropes and zip line course.  This was a fun day!  It was really the first time I'd driven any kind of vehicle in 7 months!  It was fun to be behind the wheel of an ATV again.  The first one I got in was pretty much a junker though so I had to switch it out half way through.  The Big Buddah statue is pretty cool.  The kids thought it was fun to see and Colin and I really enjoyed the views of the island.  

After we drove our ATVs back, we went to a ropes course.  Evan was too small to do the big course (and Ryan was just barely tall enough) so Colin and Evan went to the kid's zone and Ryan and I did the big stuff.  Let me just say, I had no idea how hilly Thailand is.  Singapore is pretty flat but Phuket had tons of hills.  The ropes course was pretty tough physically.  I guess I wasn't totally prepared for it, or maybe I just didnt' anticipate it being so taxing.  Half way through the ropes course I had to quit.  My blood sugar tanked and I felt like vomiting.  I felt really bad making Ryan quit early and I hate myself for letting Diabetes slow me down, but in the end it was still really fun.  I'm glad we went!  


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