Arrival in Phuket

Sorry if this is over-posting from the vaca.  I'm updating my blog because, although it may be sooo 2006, I still like to keep a digital record of our goings-on.  I still love blogging for posting my photos and journaling together and then converting it all to a blog-book at the end of the year.  So yes, I'm posting this AGAIN.

We had an amazing vacation as a family to Phuket, Thaliand for the boys' Spring Break vacation.  It was our first trip since moving to Singapore and it was everything we hoped it would be.
We left Singapore on Sunday and arrived in Phuket in the early afternoon.  We stayed at the Hilton Phuket Arcadia resort near Karron Beach.  The resort was wonderful and situated right on the beach.  We chose Karron beach because it isn't as crowded as the more popular tourist destination, Patong, but close enough to get there if we wanted to.  It also has lots of shops, restaurants, and other things to do within walking distance, it was a perfect fit for our family.
Stuart's family met up with us later that evening and we all enjoyed an authentic Thai dinner buffet together.  They had live entertainment of music and dancing.  The food was great and it was a cool cultural experience too.


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