Evan turns 6

 Our sweet Kindergartner turned 6 on March 14!  He was so excited for his birthday to come he counted down the days for two weeks.  On his birthday I brought the class some cupcakes, helped with Fun Friday activities, attended an assembly in which the whole Kindergarten group (10 classes) sang him Happy Birthday (as well as the rest of the March Birthday kids), and took him to lunch at the High School.  I tried to make his day special.  That evening we ordered his favorite dinner, Canadian Pizza!  He was a happy boy.

 Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Jess sent some presents and I found some things he was looking forward to having here in Singapore.  He's just like me because he didn't want to open any of his gifts on his actual birthday, saving them for his party the next day instead.
 We had his party at our pool.  March Birthdays in Salt Lake City don't get pool parties unless it's an indoor pool so we thought this would be a perfect thing to do.  He invited a bunch of friends and we had a good old fashioned birthday party.  It was so much fun!  I can't believe how many boys there are his age here!  He's used to having all the kids his age be mostly girls.

 All the kids playing whirlpool.

Let me tell you the story of this cake.  I am NOT a cake decorator besides what my pintrest boards might make you think.  I love to go to the Costco or Sams Club and order my kids a nice decorated cake for their birthdays, pay my 20 bucks and call it good.  The week of Evan's birthday I decided to see what I could find for him by way of cake.  uh.  NOT good.  A 9 inch round cake runs you about $75 here in Singapore, officially the world's most expensive city!  So.  It was me and Sarah Lee with a little help from Betty Crocker and some Pintrest inspiration, I made this lovely cake!  Me.  I made that!  Boo ya!  

 Birthday party chaos.
 Scavenger hunt fun!
 All of Evan's birthday guests minus one.. or two. I think I got almost all of them!

Thank you everyone who came and made Evan's day so special.  He was so happy!


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