Hong Kong

Warning: tons of photos.  

So Colin had a work trip in Hong Kong last week and I decided to go ahead and invite myself.  I figured it was a good opportunity to go see Hong Kong while we're living on this side of the globe.  Ryan and Evan stayed with our good friends here and I honestly didn't worry about them for a minute.  we are so luck to have made such great friends here in Singapore.  

I flew to Hong Kong on Friday morning and we left Sunday afternoon.  Needless to say, it was a very quick trip.  We fit in as many activities as we could in the short period of time and I feel like we did a pretty good job of that.  

Hong Kong is a pretty amazing city.  It is by far the largest city I've ever been too. It felt much more Asian than Singapore.  There were TONS of sky-scrapers but also lots of old buildings and tons of history and culture.  

The building where Colin works when he's in HK. 

The first night we took the Peak Tram up to Victoria Peak. 

There were TONS of people on this Friday evening but it was quite the experience.
The Tram runs at such an extreme angle that at one point it looked like the surrounding buildings were tilted. 

Unfortunately, it was a VERY cloudy evening and for the most part visibility was very low.
I hope that someday I'll get to see the Peak again.  

On Saturday we crammed in as many activities as we could.  Starting with the Star Ferry.
We rode the ferry over to the Kow Loon side of Hong Kong and explored over there for a while.  

My big camera did not like Hong Kong.  It was so humid that my lens would fog up any time I brought my camera out.
I pretty much gave up and just used the iPhone.  

Colin took Brooke and I over to the Walled City.
This was a slum built like a human ant farm.  The people were crammed in so tightly, it was an incredible sight.
Now the city is a park/ museum.  

This is part of the original South Gate. 

After the Walled City we trekked over to see the LDS temple.
It's pretty amazing but a little bit difficult to photograph! 

There were so many people on the MTR that weekend that I just thought it was funny how Brooke and I stood out.  

Brooke left us after the Temple to head home and Colin and I headed over to the OTHER side of the island to go see Stanley Market.  I really liked how easy the bus system was to use.  We got to see some pretty neat views of the mountains and countryside on our journey to Stanley.  

We shopped around a little while then headed back for our hotel.  

I took this photo from the bus.  It's a cemetery in Hong Kong.  HK is all very mountainous and hilly.  I found it fascinating how many grave sites were crammed in, and stacked up vertically on the side of the hill.  

Sunday Morning we thought about going back up to Victoria Peak but the clouds were still quite heavy so we went to Hong Kong park and Aviary instead.  Afterward we had to head to the airport.  


kari keach said…
Looks like an exciting trip in an exciting city! I'm so jealous!- never been to Hong Kong but your pix make it look beautiful!! Love you guys!

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