School's out for summer!

Our boys have had an incredible experience at SAS this year. Evan has learned to read really well and can even write stories. He has received two perfect report cards and we could not be prouder. His teacher was wonderful and his classmates have enriched his life. I am so glad we have had these experiences this year. 

Ryan was only able to attend half of the school year but in that short amount of time has made tremendous progress. He has loved his science lab and learning about developing countries in social studies. He's looking forward to fourth grade next year. 
Evan and his purple angelfish. 
Evan and Ms. Sudesh 
Ryan and Mrs. Balshaw
Evan on his last day of kindergarten. 
Ryan on his last day of third grade. 
This was Ryan's first day at SAS (January) and his last (June). 

Ryan and Evan at the beginning of the school year (September) and last day, June. 
Evans first and last days of kindergarten. 

I have a video but cannot add it on my iPad. As some of you know, my commuter has died. It served me well for many years but has moved on to a better place, the recycling bin. 


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