Going back to Singapore

Colin left for Singapore a few days ahead of us.  His first flight got turned around and he had to wait until the following day to fly out.  The boys and I left on Thursday the 30th of July and with the time travel we arrived in Singapore on Friday the 1st of August.  We didn't exist in July 31 except for a few hours.  That sort of messes with your mind a little bit when you think about it.  

 The kids were pretty well behaved the whole trip and did OKAY on sleeping too.  We flew Alaska Airlines to Seattle then Delta to Tokyo and onto Singapore.

 Ryan took these photos as we were getting ready to land in Seattle.

This is us boarded our second flight. 

 Enroute.  Man.  That trip across the pacific is LONG.  And there are definitely longer flights than the one we took.  It's hard to get comfortable enough to sleep. Evan was pretty upset about that.  I told him to try and imagine being three times his size!  Ha ha ha.

 Our layover in Tokyo was pretty long but that last flight I didn't mess around.  I gave the boys and myself some Melatonin, plugged in the ear plugs, put on a night shade and went to sleep.  It worked okay too.  I think I slept for about 4 hours.

Once we got to Singapore there was an insanely long line at immigration.  I'd never seen it like that before.  But it was moving quite quickly.  Luckily for us, we have work VISAs so we didn't have to stand in a line quite as long.  We gathered up our luggage and tried to find a taxi.  This was the FIRST of I'm sure hundreds of frustrating interactions I am to have here in Singapore.  We had too many pieces of luggage for a regular taxi but no one wanted to tell me where the Maxi Taxis were.  Luckily I am smart and figured it out.  $60 and one vomit episode later, we arrived at home.  Colin greeted us and helped me lug all that baggage up to the apartment.


Jessica said…
You did so well traveling with those boys. Glad you made it there safe. xoxoxo.

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