Stateside Summer 2014

This summer has been a lot of fun.  I'm so grateful that we were able to come to Utah and be with our family for a little while.  I'd like to tell you all how glad I am to have spent time with you this summer.  Thank you for the play-dates, lunches, and conversations.  I'm sorry our time was limited and we weren't able to see everyone very much; I know your time is precious too.  We'll be heading back to Singapore this week and I feel ready to get back into the swing of normal life and routines.  I think the boys are excited and ready for school to start too.  We anticipate being gone one more year, with a move back to Utah next June... that's the plan for now!  

Here are some of the things we've been up to this July.  

We were able to go to the Museum of Natural Curiosity a few times. The kids had a great time exploring!  

Having a treat at SLURP! 

7 Peaks is still one of my favorite places ever!  

In N Out was definitely on the To-Eat list this summer.  

7/11 Free Slurpee Day!  

The boys have become obsessed with these little Lego creatures called Mixels.
They had a fun time sharing their obsession with Emry and Kody too.  This is a Lego toy which is a creature that you can "mix" with other creatures and create new ones.  There are games and instructions online too. 

Cousin sleep-overs are the best! Yeah right they all slept there all night!  

Pioneer Day Parade Preview


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