Back to School Nights

Last year our family arrived after school had already begun.  We missed Open Houses, Back to School Nights, and all of the welcome coffee meetings too.  BUT we survived and this year we get to participate in all of that.  Fourth grade Back to School Night was one week ahead of First grade so I got to go twice, and I also got to attend Open House too so for some of that it's a little repetitive.  Nonethleless, it's nice to know who my boys will be spending their days with and where their different classrooms are located.  
Ryan's science lab.  He goes every 8th day of school.  

Ryan's Chinese class.  He goes every day! 

Music- Ryan loves his music teacher this year! 


Art class
I didn't get a photo of any of the gyms nor the pool but I will try to get one when I go for Evan's back-to-school night tomorrow.

Art room

Ryan's teacher this year has been a HUGE answer to my prayers.  Last year was a little rough and this year he is in the most perfect class with an amazing teacher who is dedicated, patient, and kind.  He has set high expectations for Ryan but has broken everything down into small achievable goals.  Ryan is thriving and improving and I feel like that little boy I sent to Kindergarten, First, and Second is back!  He has been doing homework without any struggle and that is SUCH an improvement over last year.

Evan's classroom

Evan's Chinese class 

Evan loves his teacher, he thinks she is the best!  He has a few friends in his class from last year and he's making new ones too.  I think he'll have a wonderful year in first grade!


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