Ryan Turns 9!

Ryan had a great birthday this year!  He's NINE!  
I took his class some cinnamon buns on Friday, the day before his birthday.

 I let Evan sneak out of class for a birthday treat!
 Ryan wanted to have his birthday party at the beach.  And he wanted me to make a "beach" cake.  I am NOT a cake decorator.  Sure, I pin lots of fancy decorated cakes on Pintrest but that does not make me a decorator.  Speaking of Pintrest, I got this idea and kind of went for it.  I made 2 round cakes, blue frosting (Mom's recipe) and crushed up some Digestives, added a little sugar and made the sand.  I took some ocean toys and added them to the cake!  BAM.  There you have it.  Don't know what it tasted like but it all got eaten!
 Ryan's Birthday fell on Saturday this year.  He got a couple of big presents from us in the morning.
 And a carpet of balloons in the hallway when he woke up.

 Nerf gun! Because you really can't have too many of those!
 And a rip stick.
 It amazes me how quickly he can learn things.
 After presents we grabbed Ryan's good buddy and headed down to Sentosa.  We met Stuart and his kids at the Luge and rode that down a couple of times with lunch at Subway in the middle.

 Then we headed to the beach to play in the water and sand for a little while.  Aunt Brooke met up with us here.

 We got hot and decided to go to Stuart and Brooke's hotel to swim.  Then we had some yummy local food and headed home.

For Cake!


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