The boys were out of school on Thursday and Friday of this week.  Evan had a birthday party to attend and Ryan had a zoo date on Thursday.  I proposed that Colin take the day off Friday and we all go to Legoland.  It's a bit of a tricky situation getting to Malaysia without a car but we put on our adventurous hats and off we went.  If you're wondering how we went, I'm happy to share.  We took the SMRT (public Singapore bus) number 950 to the border.  We had to get off, go through customs, get back on, drive to the border, get off and enter Malaysia.  Once we were in Malaysia we took a taxi (Teksi) to Legoland.  We paid 35RM (Malaysian Ringet) to drive the 30 minutes to the amusement park.
We arrived at the park right at opening and our kids were free with coupons off the Meji milk containers.  We purchased combo passes to the park and water park. The kids were given a passport book to collect stamps from all of the rides.  If they collected 10 stamps they'd earn 1 mini Lego figurine and if they collected 16 they'd earn 2.  It took us almost the whole day to circle the park collecting all of our passport stamps.  Ryan was really cute about keeping track of the passport and the stamps.
The park was nice and empty on Friday.  We ran into a few families from our school and even a few from our Condo.  It was so nice to have no lines on the rides and just basically have the place to ourselves.
Once we had collected all 16 of our stamps, we headed over to the water park for a much needed cool-off.  We tried nearly all of the slides and attractions at the water park and then we were ready to make the journey back home.  We did basically the same thing in reverse and it ended up being just fine.
I'm so glad we were finally able to make it to Legoland!  I feel like the park is best suited for kids between the ages of 5-12 or so and while my kids are in that age bracket I feel like we should take advantage.  We had an awesome time.
This video is 9 minutes long but it includes all of our pictures and videos from our day.  The song is pretty annoying so feel free to mute!  Enjoy!


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