Lunch Date

Perhaps this is a mundane thing to blog about but aren't you glad I'm blogging so much?  That's what I thought!  

Whenever I have to make a trip to my doctor's office I go have lunch with Colin.  Hey, if I'm gonna go to a place that I can only reach by taxi, I may as well get my money's worth.  

Side note: One time I tried to reach the medical complex by train... BIG mistake. I ended up walking a LONG ways and it was so not worth the five minutes I spent inside collecting my meds.  Man, do I miss mail-in pharmacies.  

ANYWAY, Lunch.  So, I met Colin for lunch and we branched out a little bit and went to a new hawker center he had found at Tanjong Pagar Market.  I had this amazing Phad Thai and paid a whole 4 dollars.  Colin had some char siew pork.  It's always fun to see Colin in the middle of his enormously long work day.  

Chinatown decorated for Mid-Autumn festival. 

Colin and I downtown


Lemons and Sugar Cane

The market was really pretty with lots of flowers and fruits for sale.
I'd like to go back another day and explore it a little more.  

I love the colors of the fresh fruits.  Somehow the rain in the background just sets the mood.  ;)


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