Halloween Twenty Fourteen

Ryan's 4th Grade Class Halloween Party

Captain Rex playing charades 

Evan's 1st Grade class Halloween Party


Evan dressed up as a green monster this year.  Once again, this child's creativity comes out.  He planned and carried out this costume completely on his own.  He was so pleased with the way it turned out.  I took this photo on Tuesday for our Halloween practice run.  I painted his face this time around and on the real Halloween he said he didn't want face paint.  He told me that he likes his face the way it is better.  He didn't like the way his freckles looked with face paint on.  I love that Evan loves his freckles.  I'm glad he has the self confidence to know that they are beautiful.

Ryan went as Captain Rex of Star Wars the Clone Wars. 
When I bought this costume in July, it fit.  When he put it back on this October... well, that was a different story.  
He made it work though and it was all good.  

Evan and Maple before trick-or-treating. 

All of the kids before trick or treating. 

Kids in their character poses.  Maple is taking a bow. 

Last year I blogged about Halloween in Singapore: here.  It's something else, I'll tell you that!  This year Halloween fell on a Friday and so larger than usual crowds were expected.  Let me just say that it did not disappoint.  I didn't take great photos of the event really but we all had a great time.  Last year the kids only lasted about 40 minutes or so.  This year they lasted about twice that long.  It was a grand old time.

This sweet baby goes "home" to China in a couple of weeks.  We're sure gonna miss her.  

The preschool up the road had quite the Halloween set-up.  It was like a mini carnival in there!

This house handed out cotton candy.
Obviously there was a wait for that as the supply wasn't quite keeping up with the demand.  Yikes!

Typically this quiet street in our neighborhood rarely has any traffic or activity.  On the night of Halloween, all of Singapore converges here to celebrate our American holiday.  Word has spread about the celebrations and it really has become quite large.  Trick or Treating is held pretty tightly to a 6:00-8:00 pm schedule with a peak at about 7:30 pm.  In all, families expect anywhere from 3,000 to 6,000 trick or treaters.  I think we were on the high end this year with Halloween falling to a Friday night.  Families supply their own candy at an outrageous cost and hand out one piece at a time.  I've heard that some of the busier homes can go through about 5,000 pieces in a mere 90 minutes.  Writing about it, taking photos and videos of it, really does not do it any justice.  You just have to experience it. If you haven't ever come... I suggest you do so at least once!  


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