a Special Sunday

The boys had their primary program today.  Actually, so did I! Since I'm kind of in charge of the primary, I think I was probably way more nervous than they were.  This morning we left our house super early at 8:00 am.  We cruised down to the Stake Center to be a part of Summer's blessing.  The "other" Dean family leaves Singapore in a week and man, we are sure going to miss that bunch!  

After Summer's blessing we headed over to our building to set up and get ready for our program.  While walking around, Evan slipped and got his shorts ALL dirty!  BOYS!  :) 

While I was setting up for our program, we received word that there was a really bad accident on the freeway.  Half of our ward was affected by the traffic jam as a result.  The drive that usually takes about 30 minutes took some families well over an hour!  We delayed sacrament meeting for as long as we could and the counselor conducting did his best to stall.  After the sacrament was blessed and passed, quite a few families walked in.  I was so grateful that everyone was safe and that so many were able to make it in time before we got started.  

Junior Primary, Singapore 4th Ward 2014

The program was beautiful and the kids really did an amazing job.  Primary Program Sunday has long been my favorite Sunday of the year and I have to say that this was probably the best program ever!  My counselors, music directors, and pianists are amazing.  I am so grateful to be primary president in this ward and work with these amazing kids and teachers.  They have all taught me so much and I love them all to pieces.

Senior Primary
Singapore 4th Ward


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