Grade 4 UN Day

Ryan and the rest of the 4th graders at SAS had their UN day this week.  
They dress up in traditional clothing, bring in food to share, have an assembly and learn from the parents about something cultural from their home nations.  

I was bringing in food and presenting a cultural lesson for Ryan's class so I figured I may as well make a whole day of it and come for the assembly too.  There were selected classes who presented a little bit about UN day to the rest of their class.  It was student led and very good.  I was glad I was able to attend.  

The whole 4th Grade sang the song "Agents of Change" at the end.  

After the assembly we had a luncheon.  I brought in my snickerdoodles and we enjoyed a lot of food from around the world.  

Then the kids had recess and afterward I presented a lesson and activity on Thanksgiving and The Mayflower.  I taught the kids a little bit about why we celebrate Thanksgiving, what happened at the first Thanksgiving, and then I spent the majority of the time teaching them about the Mayflower.  When I taught school in Sandy, Utah we spent an entire day teaching our fifth graders about the Mayflower.  So presenting a 20 minute lesson was quite short.  

Then I taught them clapping games that the children aboard the Mayflower may have played.  We did Peas Porridge Hot and Long Legged Sailor.  I think I had more fun than the kids!  

Ryan's class second rotation was with my friend Sarah.  She taught them about Mardi Gras.  Way to represent, USA!  


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