Christmas in Singapore

 We had a lovely Christmas.  I wish I had taken more photos but anyway, here's what I've got.  It's been great having Katie here with us.  The boys were looking forward to her visit just as much as Christmas itself.  The morning she got in from China they were up at 5:30.  Evan was so worried that he'd miss her coming through the door.  As she opened the gate they opened the front door.  She quietly told them that she hadn't gotten any sleep and went to bed.  They haven't left her alone yet.

Christmas morning was a lot of fun.  Everyone has enjoyed all of their gifts and we were able to make video calls to everyone from Maryland to Hawaii.  

If anyone would like to come play a game, we have a few and would love to share them with you!  


Jessica said…
Awesome! I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas celebration!

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