It's beginning to look a little like Christmas!

We've been getting ready for Christmas around here.  We've set up our tree, we've wrapped gifts, we built a train, and we've mailed out Christmas cards.  It's beginning to look a little like Christmas!  Nana and Grandpa Bruce sent us a package of goodies for Christmas this year.  There was this cute foam train set and the kids and I had a fun time building it.  It turned out pretty cute too.  She also sent a candy Advent calendar and the boys have enjoyed taking turns eating the chocolates.
Ryan working on the train

Evan working on the train

The completed train
The coolest part is it actually rolls.  The kids were excited to learn that.  Although I must say that they've been quite good about leaving it alone for the most part.  

Ryan decorating the tree

Evan decorating the tree
It makes me happy that the boys like decorating the tree as much as I did when I was little.  They love to look at all of the ornaments, remember where they came from or when they were made.

Christmas cards are in the mail!  Whew.  I'm not gonna lie, these suckers took me a long time this year.  I'm not really sure why though.  I enjoy sending them as much as I enjoy receiving them so it's worth the effort to me.  


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