This year in Kids Say

Funny things my kids said in the year 2014. 

Evan, while playing play station. "Xbox"  

Ryan, while listening to Beyoncé "this song is offensive to boys".  

Ryan: Why aren't there 7 dollar bills?  
Evan: I don't know, why aren't there 36,000 bills? Because that's not a real number!  

Ryan had red lentil dahl for lunch. I asked him what he thought. He said, "if it were the only food left on the planet, I would eat it. But I prefer hot dogs".  

Littery: literally. Evan  

Ryan: I've been a foolish heart. I've been waiting for PvZ this whole time.  

Ryan: Why is cake traditionally eaten on birthdays  
Evan: Because it tastes good and it's sweet! That's why!  

Jaloon: June and July - E  

Cycliopedia: encyclopedia- E

"Where'd you put the frozen grapes lah?" Evan  

Evan: Purple and green are poison colors because purple is like venom and green is the affection (infection).  

Prensils: pretzels 

Venshtables: vegetables  

Evan "Are you old or young"?
Mom: I don't know, what age do you think is old? 
Evan: at the age of 40 or 50.  

Evan: Does this chicken come from chickens?  
Ryan: All chicken comes from chickens  
Evan: Not pig chicken. Is this chicken chicken or pig chicken?  

Ryan: There's this girl I kinda like... She does this pose. It's kinda pretty. (Tries to make the pose a couple of times) I can't mimic it but it's something to do with the hips and something to do with the eyes and it's ... I like it.  

Reading scriptures with the boys. Ryan reads 4 verses in succession doing a different accent each one. - southern - British - Singaporean - Irish. 

Evans doing his homework. He has to sort his spelling words and match them with drawings. He's talking to himself while doing so. He says, "dig, dig, where is the proverbial dig"? 

Aunt Katie: I'm glad you guys got to live overseas, at least for a little while. 
Ryan: Me too. 
Ryan: Except, we can't have Lucky Charms and that's horrifying.  


Lex-a-roo said…
So funny. We'll have to send you some Lucky Charms :)

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