Jurong Bird Park

My kids were out of school for four weeks this Christmas break.  That's a long time if you don't do any traveling.  So, we did a little stay-cationing and one day we went with a group of friends to the Bird Park.  The Bird Park is just what you would imagine it to be, just like a zoo except only birds.  We had a great time and were able to see most of the park.  We stayed a good long time too so that was fun.  The group we went with ended up being quite big.  5 moms and 19 kids, holy cow, that's 24 people!  It was great though because everyone had a friend. 

The first thing we did was the High Flyers show.  It was really well choreographed and a fun 30 minute presentation.  One of our kids even got to participate!  

After the show we walked around and saw all the birds.  The pelicans are quite impressive; such large birds!  This one was giving Ryan his best intimidation face.  

At the Lory Loft you can pay $3 for a cup of bird "food", it was mostly a sweet liquid.  There really weren't very many people at the bird park that day, I think we were by far the largest group.  The Lory birds weren't too interested in our food but this peacock ate out of Evan's cup.  

After lunch we rode the tram around to the water fall and checked that out.  We didn't really see too many birds inside the atrium but we did get a cool encounter with this iguana.  Can you see him? 

We took our selfies and were off for the day.  I was pretty well worn out by the time we finished but so glad to have gotten out and done some Singapore exploring.  

One piece of advice if going to the Bird Park.  Pack your own lunch and snacks.  There weren't really any great places to eat and that was the only down-side to our visit.  


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