SEA Aquarium

I was lucky enough to chaperone Ryan's class on their Aquarium field trip.  We went to the SEA (South East Asia) Aquarium at Sentosa's Resort World.  There were two fourth grade classes there that day and not really a lot of other tourists or locals, so it was really nice and "empty".  The aquarium is quite a good one, the kids enjoyed it and took their time exploring throughout.  

Near the end of the aquarium is this giant ocean tank.  The kids spent a nice long time looking at the tank, lying down in an observation room, and just enjoying the atmosphere.  They play some nice classical tunes and it is really quite lovely.

I remember there were a few big bat rays swimming about.  I found them fascinating.  When I decided to photograph one, he started doing back flips; so I caught a pretty cool video of it!  

I'm glad I get to go on all of these fun field trips with my kids.  Especially ones that are indoors and have air conditioning!  

Ryan took a LOT of photos on his school iPad as well as a really neat time-lapse video of the big tank.  I'll have to see if he can somehow share those with us.  


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